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Why Do You Need

Neden Patent?

The main objectives of patent system are to encourage the activity of inventing and carry out the technical, economical and social improvement by implementing the inventions in industry.

Patent is an intellectual property which provides privilege to the applicant for producing, trading and licensing the subject invention for a specific time period. Therefore, your only ground for restraining other parties to produce and trade your invention without your permission is the Patent Certificate acquired by your side.

Neden Patent?

Why Do You Need

Neden Patent?

Trademark expresses all marks, in condition to distinguish an enterprise’s goods and services from another enterprise’s goods and services, including personal name, especially words, figures, letters, numbers, “shape of the goods” or “packages” which can be displayed by drafting or displayed in a similar way and can be published and reproduced by printing.

All enterprises active in business use at least one trademark and gain recognition by their clients owing to this trademark. Your trademark is not legally yours before registration. For this reason, introducing the trademark before registry application may cause the loss of a valuable right. Yet your trademark can be registered by another applicant when during presentation. In this case you may have to proof your rightness through legal means. Such case may cause you to abandon your trademark or financial and spiritual damages for your firm.

Why Do You Need Industrial Design Certificate?

Neden Patent?

Industrial design, expresses the entire particulars of a product or a part of a product including ornaments, lines, figures, color, fabric, material or flexibility which can be perceived by human senses.

Nowadays, the possibility to draw attention for an original design depends on the designer’s effort, imagination and financial capability. Therefore, in order to continue to produce on an ongoing base, designers need reasonable return in both economical and social means. This case is only possible when the applicant has the right to restrain other parties to use or sell the subject industrial design without permission. Only design registry acquired by your side can provide this right to the applicant.

Neden Patent?
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The Kick-off Meeting of the “Supporting Turkey for Enhancing Implementation and Enforcement of Industrial Property Rights” Project

The Kick-off Meeting of the “Supporting Turkey for Enhancing Implementation and Enforcement of Industrial Property Rights” Project which will be carried out in cooperation of Turkish Patent Institute with the German International Legal Cooperation Institute is performed today at TPE.

At the beginning of the meeting, Prof. Dr. Habip ASAN, President of the Turkish Patent Institute, Ms. Karin FRIEHE, Judge at German Federal Patent Court and Member State Project Leader, Ms. Julie TRAPPE, Representative of the German International Legal Cooperation Institute, Mr. Michelle VILLANI, Head of Trade, Economy and Agriculture section of the EU Delegation to Turkey, Mr. Dirk TRÖNDLE from the German Embassy, Head of Economic Cooperation, Environment, Research and Technology Unit, Mr. Mustafa KÖKÇAM, Deputy Undersecretary of Ministry of Justice, Dr. Yavuz CABBAR, Deputy Undersecretary of Ministry of Industry and Trade, delivered their speeches.

The speakers expressed their expectations from this project that harmonization with the European acquis on industrial property rights will be strengthened after small deficits are removed. Having stated that twinning projects play a fundamental role in harmonization with EU acquis communataire, Prof. Dr. Habip ASAN pointed out on the statistics indicating the high percentage of projects operated in coordination with Germany. Strong, multi-faceted and long-standing historical and social relations between Turkey and Germany have an influence on this situation. As Germany is one of the exemplary models in the world in both legal and industrial property rights fields, high percentage of German-Turkish projects indicates the success of this Project.

After the opening remarks, experts participating in the project; Ms. Karin FRIEHE, Mr. Markus SCHNEIDER (Enforcement), Presiding Judge at District Court of Hamburg, Mr. Helmut HANNUS (Guidelines), Former Head of Jena Branch Office, German Patent and Trademark Office, Dr. Wolfang TAUCHERT (Patent), Former Presiding Judge at the German Federal Patent Court, Ms. Gerlinde Winter (Geographical Indications), German Federal Patent Court Judge, Dr. Oliver SCHÖN (RTA), Judge at the District Court Munich I, presented information on their studies and their possible outcomes within the project.

Industrial property rights such as patents, trademarks, and designs enable companies to build up a reputation in the market, to gain advantages over their competitors through the quality of their products and through technical innovations, and gives them the opportunity to recover their investments. Industrial property rights are important tools in competition.

Since 2005, negotiations in the field of intellectual property (Chapter 7) have been taking place between EU and Turkey within the framework of Turkey’s accession to EU. In that context, Turkey has been taking measures to increase the institutional capacity for implementing the EU acquis communautaire in this field. This project will constitute another important step in the EU-Turkey cooperation.

Full harmonisation of the Turkish IP rights system with the EU acquis communautaire is an essential topic in Turkey’s accession negotiations concerning Chapter 7. This project will aim to fine-tune the existing Turkish legislation and to increase the expert capacities of the actors involved in the protection and the enforcement of IP rights. Once the decision-taking procedures are aligned with the EU best practices, the additional effect will be an environment of higher-level protection of IP rights as well as a decrease in the workload of the already overloaded Turkish courts.

Furthermore, through the participation of all stakeholders, the project aims to raise the awareness on the importance of industrial property rights as a prerequisite for substantial economic investments and a vital pillar of a modern society.

In order to support Turkey’s efforts in this area, more than 50 high-ranking experts from the European Union, among them judges from the German Federal Supreme Court and the German Federal Patent Court, as well as members of the Office of Harmonization for the Internal Market (OHIM) will participate in the project activities during the implementation period of 13 months.

Within the framework of the project the examination guidelines of the Turkish Patent Institute on patents, trademarks and designs will be revised. These revised guidelines will be available in the Turkish Patent Institute’s internet homepage for interested stakeholders in order to ensure transparent and comprehensible decisions.

The second fundamental element of the program is a comprehensive training program in Ankara, Istanbul, and Izmir. In 16 conferences and workshops of several days on different subjects of industrial property rights, the following specialists will be addressed:

  • Trademark examiners
  • Patent examiners
  • Designs examiners
  • IP Judges
  • Lawyers, Patent and Trademark Attorneys
  • Representatives of stakeholders

The most important aspects of IP rights will be discussed in small groups of Turkish and European experts based on relevant cases during thematically successive workshops. The discussed cases will be reflected in the guidelines and are supposed to be useful for future reference. In order to enable an unbiased in-depth discussion, separate workshops for examiners and judges will be offered. There will be study visits, symposia for stakeholders and opportunities to consult German experts on current questions and new developments in the field of IP law.

In addition, customs, the police and other institutions will be integrated into the project through overlapping activities so that their interests will also be taken care of and public awareness for intellectual property rights will be raised.

The European Union allocates 1.2 Million Euros to this project. Turkish Patent Institute and the Ministry of Justice are also allocating considerable amounts as in-kind contribution. The implementation will be carried out through IRZ – German Foundation for International Legal Cooperation in collaboration with the Turkish Patent Institute, Ministry of Justice and the Justice Academy.

2009 Turkish Patent Awards' are given by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

2009 Turkish Patent Awards’ is held on 4 March 2010 in Sheraton Hotel & Convention Center. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan also attended the award ceremony.

Academics, industrialists, inventors, researchers, artists, civil society organizations, public and private sector institutions / organizations and senior representatives of industrial property institutions of many countries are attended to the event.

Organization’s opening speech was made by President of the Turkish Patent Institute Professor. Dr. Habip ASAN, the European Patent Office (EPO) Administrative Council President Benoit Battistelli, Minister of Industry and Trade Nihat Ergün and Prime Minister of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Right along with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Deputy Prime Minister Bulent ARINÇ and Finance Minister Mehmet ŞİMŞEK, State Minister Mehmet Aydin, and some MPs (member of the Turkish National Assembly) also joined. After opening remarks, Patent, Trademark, Industrial Designs and Geographical Signs awards in the areas of award winners, is given by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

TPI President Prof. Dr. Habip ASAN was voted in the chair/ was elected president to Administrative Board Vice-Chairman of the European Patent Academy.

TPI President Prof. Dr. Habip ASAN was voted in the chair/ was elected president to Administrative Board Vice-Chairman of the European Patent Academy.

On 26 November 2009, TPI President Prof. Dr. Habip ASAN is voted in the chair to Administrative Board Vice-Chairman of the European Patent Academy in Munich.

On 23-25 June 2009 the European Patent Organization membership at the Administrative Council Meeting ,TPI President Prof. Dr. Habip ASAN was elected unanimously to the Executive Board to three-year starting with 1 July 2009.

Third Meeting of IP Rights Coordination Board

The Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights Coordination Board held its third meeting on October 19, 2009 at the premises of the Turkish Patent Institute.

The meeting was co-chaired by the Undersecretary of Ministry of Industry and Trade, Mr. Ali BOĞA and the Undersecretary of Tourism and Culture, Mr. Ismet YILMAZ.

The representatives from the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Health, State Planning Organization, Undersecretariat of Customs, Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade, Scientific and Technological Council of Turkey (TUBITAK), Union Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB), Directorate General of Copyrights and Cinema and the President of Turkish Patent Institute, Prof. Dr. Habip ASAN participated in the meeting. The European Union Secretariat General was also represented as invited institution.

After the adoption of the agenda, the participants were informed about the developments in intellectual property during the first half of 2009. Afterwards, current situation of the EU accession process, under “Intellectual Property Law” chapter was discussed in detail by the participants. A presentation was carried out by the representative of the European Union Secretariat General about this agenda item.

Recent developments about the preparation of “National Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights Strategy Paper” and determination of national politics related to geographical indications were the further agenda items that were discussed during the meeting. On behalf of Turkish Patent Institute, Prof. Dr. ASAN made presentations on the agenda items of the meeting. The Board decided to hold its next meeting in March 2010.

The Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights Coordination Board was established with the Prime Ministry Circular 2008/7 on May 25,2008, in order to develop short, medium and long term strategies about the industrial property and copyrights and to improve the coordination and cooperation between the IPR stakeholders in Turkey.

Turkish Patent Institute serves as the secretariat of the Coordination Board.

President of TPI Prof. Dr. Habip ASAN was elected as the member of the Administrative Council of The European Patent Academy

President of Turkish Patent Institute Prof. Dr. Habip ASAN was elected as the member of the Administrative Council of The European Patent Academy on the meeting which has been on 23-25 June 2009 at Munich

The European Patent Academy was set up following a decision of the Administrative Council and the EPO President on 2004. The European Patent Academy ensures the overall co-ordination of the external education and training activities of the European Patent Office which has 35 member states. Administrative Council of The European Patent Academy which is decision-making body has seven full members. The members to be elected from Administrative Council of EPO. The last meeting of the Council which meets biannualy was on February 2009.

Because of the term of Prof. Dr. Athanassios KAISSIS who is also the President of Administrative Council is ended on 30 June 2009, membership selections were made on the meeting of Administrative Council of European Patent Organisation. President of Turkish Patent Institute Prof.Dr. Habip ASAN, who has been nominated by Germany, was elected as the member of Administrative Council with the support of all countries participated to this meeting. Prof. Dr. Habip ASAN will continue this duty for three years.